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Development & Leadership Journals and Publications Division

The Development and Leadership Journals and Publications Division within the Institute for Leadership and Development Communication is a critical component focused on the dissemination of knowledge, research, and insights related to development and leadership. This division plays a pivotal role in advancing the organization’s mission by facilitating the creation, publication, and distribution of journals, publications, and scholarly content in these domains. Here is a synopsis of the division’s key functions and objectives:

Journal Publication: The division oversees the publication of academic journals dedicated to topics such as leadership theory, development strategies, and related fields. These journals serve as platforms for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to contribute to the academic discourse.

Editorial Oversight: The division manages the editorial process, including peer review, manuscript selection, and publication schedules, to ensure the quality and integrity of the content.

Publication Diversity: It strives to offer a diverse range of publications, including academic journals, research reports, policy briefs, and books, catering to various audiences from academics to policymakers to practitioners.

Knowledge Synthesis: The division engages in knowledge synthesis by curating and summarizing research findings and insights from various sources, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Thought Leadership: It promotes thought leadership by providing a platform for leading experts and scholars to share their perspectives and research findings on critical issues in development and leadership.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Recognizing the multidimensional nature of leadership and development, the division encourages interdisciplinary research and contributions that span across fields such as economics, sociology, psychology, and management.

Accessibility and Open Access: It strives to make research more accessible by promoting open-access publishing models and ensuring that valuable knowledge is available to a wider audience.

Global Outreach: The division seeks to expand its reach globally by collaborating with international researchers, institutions, and organizations to foster cross-cultural insights and perspectives.

Impact Assessment: It assesses the impact of its publications and research by monitoring citations, readership, and the application of research findings in real-world contexts.

Policy Influence: The division aims to influence policy discussions and decision-making processes by providing evidence-based research that informs development policies and leadership practices.

Professional Development: It supports the professional development of scholars and researchers by offering opportunities for publishing, contributing to academic debates, and enhancing their research portfolios.

Engagement and Feedback: The division actively engages with its readership and encourages feedback and contributions from the community to shape future research directions.

Overall, the Development and Leadership Journals and Publications Division serves as a bridge between academic research and real-world application, fostering the exchange of knowledge and ideas to advance leadership and development initiatives. It plays a crucial role in promoting informed decision-making, innovation, and progress in these important fields.


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