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Communication, Leadership & Development Research Division

The Communication, Leadership, and Development Research Division of the Institute for Leadership and Development Communication is a dedicated unit focused on advancing knowledge in the realms of leadership, communication, and development. Here is a general overview of the division’s activities and objectives.

This division engages in a wide array of activities, including:

Research Excellence: Undertaking research projects and studies encompassing leadership theory and practice, communication strategies, and development initiatives. These research efforts span across various academic disciplines, such as leadership studies, communication studies, psychology, sociology, and economics.

Knowledge Dissemination: Producing research papers, reports, and publications that contribute significantly to the academic discourse. These outputs offer practical insights, benefiting leaders, policymakers, and development practitioners alike.

Collaborative Endeavors: Collaborating with other esteemed research institutions, universities, and government agencies to foster interdisciplinary research and establish fruitful partnerships that drive innovation.

Capacity Building: Delivering training programs, workshops, and seminars designed to enhance the communication and leadership skills of professionals and leaders. These programs are grounded in the latest research findings.

Informed Decision-Making: Offering evidence-based policy recommendations to governments, non-governmental organizations, and businesses. These recommendations aim to enhance leadership practices and development strategies on a solid foundation of research.

Data-Driven Insights: Collecting and analyzing data through comprehensive surveys, interviews, and fieldwork. This empirical approach provides critical insights into the dynamics of leadership, communication, and development across diverse contexts.

Building a Community: Cultivating networks and partnerships with other esteemed research organizations, subject matter experts, and practitioners within the fields of leadership, communication, and development. This collaborative spirit fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas and knowledge.

While the specific objectives and areas of focus may be tailored to the institute’s unique mission, this division’s overarching goal is to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of leadership and development, guided by the principles of effective communication and grounded in rigorous research methodologies.


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