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Communication & Development Policy Promotion Division

The Communication and Development Policy Promotion Division, operating within the Institute for Leadership and Development Communication, plays a crucial role in advancing the intersection of communication and development as a catalyst for positive change. Here is a detailed synopsis of its mission, objectives, and key activities:

The Communication and Development Policy Promotion Division is dedicated to advancing development through effective communication strategies and policies. Its primary mission and objectives include:

Policy Advocacy: The division actively engages in advocating for the recognition of communication as a pivotal element in achieving sustainable development goals. It works to influence policy frameworks that prioritize communication as a strategic tool.

Research and Analysis: Conducting in-depth research and analysis, the division generates evidence-based insights into the intricate relationship between communication and development. It contributes to informed policy formulation and implementation.

Capacity Building: The division offers comprehensive capacity-building programs and workshops, equipping policymakers, practitioners, and organizations with the essential knowledge and skills required to harness communication for development effectively.

Knowledge Dissemination: To promote informed decision-making, the division disseminates research findings, policy recommendations, and best practices through various channels, including publications, seminars, and conferences.

Stakeholder Collaboration: Recognizing the need for a collective approach, the division collaborates with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, international bodies, and academic institutions. It fosters partnerships and joint efforts to enhance communication and development strategies.

Monitoring and Evaluation: The division plays a pivotal role in developing robust tools and frameworks for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of communication strategies and policies. This ensures that they effectively contribute to development outcomes. The Communication and Development Policy Promotion Division conducts a wide range of activities to fulfill its objectives:

Policy Advocacy: It actively engages in advocating for policies that emphasize the strategic role of communication in development. This advocacy includes consultations, lobbying, and policy briefings.

Research Initiatives: The division conducts rigorous research studies to explore the multifaceted impact of communication within diverse development contexts. These studies generate valuable insights that inform both policymakers and practitioners.

Capacity Building Programs: Offering training and capacity-building programs, the division empowers individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and implement effective communication strategies aligned with development goals.

Knowledge Sharing: Organizing conferences, seminars, and workshops, it facilitates knowledge exchange among stakeholders, bridging the gap between policymakers, practitioners, and researchers in the field of communication and development.

Policy Implementation Support: The division provides invaluable assistance to governments and organizations in the effective implementation of communication strategies, ensuring alignment with development objectives.

Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks: Developing robust frameworks and evaluation tools, it ensures that communication interventions are systematically assessed for their impact on achieving development objectives.

The Communication and Development Policy Promotion Division serves as a vital bridge, connecting the realms of communication and development. Through evidence-based advocacy, research, capacity building, and collaborative efforts, it strives to maximize the potential of effective communication as a driving force behind positive social and economic change.


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